Travis plays music. He's been doing it for a long time. Everything you hear on his recordings is done by him. He has written and recorded 5 albums of original material (which are detailed in the "discography" section). I could write about it all day, but it's probably best to just cruise on over to the "music" section and see if you like it. You might even be able to torrent it. Go ahead if you can find it!

A little bit of history....

His first album is called "McLeod". It is a compilation of things recorded on his own, with Gordon McLeod, and with Joey Destefano. It is called McLeod as a tribute to Paul McCartney because Paul's first solo album was called "McCartney" and he also played everything on that record.

The second album is called "Tales From Tourmaline" and it gets its name from the street that Travis grew up on , Tourmaline Blvd. This was the first time Travis truly took over everything on the record. He played all the instruments, recorded the music, designed the cover art. Everything. This is a pattern that would continue for the rest of his records.

NEVER SAY DIE is the third record. Travis had considered quitting music for a while because he was discouraged. He decided to just press on in the end, and that's where the title came from. He was unaware that Black Sabbath also had an album named that. It turns out he has a knack for coming up with names that have already been taken, hence why he doesn't have a band name. There's probably other musicians named Travis McLeod too. It's just a game of odds that you can't win.

The Wonderful World of Multitrack Recording is the fourth album. The title references the technique used to allow Travis to "be the band" on  his records.

Broken Hearted and the Angel's Wings is the fifth record. The concept is that there was a man who had his heart broken. He was hurt so bad that he died, and became an angel. The pieces of his broken heart became his wings. It's about turning a negative into a positive. It sounded cool and artsy at the time.

After that record, Travis started a band called Bowtie Killer, named after the character in the movie Problem Child. It's funny if you get the reference and sounds serious if you don't. Bowtie Killer recorded a few songs with Jon Stride producing, but never officially released an album.

Now Travis is working to release a retrospective album which will include 12 songs compiled from the 5 albums (Hopefully also produced by Jon Stride). A lot of the material originally was recorded at home, so he wants to get the best of that material and re record it in studio quality. He hopes to have that finished sometime in the next few years.

That about sums it up. Thanks for checking out the site, I hope you enjoy the music!