Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I don't get to update this site as much as I'd like. Honestly, having 2 kids now makes music kind of take a backseat. Rest assured, I'm still writing and recording music, just at a much slower pace. Some new projects on the horizon are my retrospective album. If you haven't heard, I have selected 12 songs from my entire catalog to re record in full studio quality for a "best of" type compilation album. I have about half of those songs recorded, so I am making progress. I am also writing a new record, for which I have about 6 songs written but not many recorded yet. I am also working on my podcast (at a similar pace) which you can check out at I will be doing full on "making of" episodes for all of my albums in which I will tell the stories behind all of the songs. Episode 1 of that series "The Making of McLeod" is available now. That is about all of the news at the moment. Thanks so much to everyone who continues to check out my music and give me support, it means the world to me. I hope to have some new stuff up for you soon. If you like what you hear, spread it around! Thanks! Travis.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hey everyone, just a quick update. I'm still working on re recording my old songs for a retrospective album. I have three songs re recorded so far for that. I am also still working on writing and recording the new album. I have 3 songs recorded for that as well. The main thing I've been working on lately though is my podcast, Under The Radar with Travis McLeod. . If you haven't heard it yet, head on over to that site and check it out! I hope to get those other projects finished soon, but in the meantime you can keep up with what I'm doing creatively through that podcast. Hope everyone is well. Keep an eye out for some new things from me soon. Travis

Friday, July 19, 2013

Demo now available for download on my Soundcloud page.

My demo is now available for download on my soundcloud page. It was previously only available to stream Go get it and spread it around! You can access it through the music section of this website. Thanks!

Friday, July 5, 2013

New projects in the works!

I've got several new projects planned. I'm currently working on a retrospective album which will feature 12-15 of my songs from my career thus far re recorded in full studio quality. In addition to that, I will be filming my first music video for "visions of regret" which will be featured on the retrospective album. I am also writing an album of new material which I'm a little more than halfway finished with. I will record and release that after the retrospective album. In addition to those three projects, I am planning to finish and release an EP with my band Bowtie Killer. Thanks to everyone who has supported me all these years and those who are just starting to listen to my music. If you'd like to help spread the word, here are some links you can share:

Please share these links. I'm trying to build up the fanbase and get some more likes on facebook and followers on twitter. Thanks so much for listening and helping out. Really excited to bring these project to life and to your world soon!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

First update in a while

I haven't officially updated this page with news in a while, so here is some news that I have posted to Facebook and twitter. I am in the middle of recording a retrospective of my best songs from my past albums. I will be re recording 12 songs from my back catalog for a studio release that will be available sometime in the near future. I am also in the middle of writing my next album. I have 6 songs written or the new album and I need to write 6 more. One of the songs will be about ROBOCOP! That is about all that is happening for now. Sorry for the lack of updates, and thanks for continuing to listen and support my music. Be on the lookout for these new cds sometime in the near future.

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Old Record coming sometime soon

So for anyone who actually cares, I have selected 15 songs out of my whole catalog to be re recorded in studio quality. That record I was gonna make for Dishwater Records back in '03 before they went under is happening. This is a long term plan so I have no eta but I'm excited about it. The amazing Jonathan Stride is going to make it sound great!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Check me out on Side B radio!

Thanks to everyone who tuned into side b radio tonight. I had a lot of fun. If you didn't catch the show, listen to my interview and few of my songs, as well as a lot of other cool stuff at Steph 
usually posts a replay after the show. In other news, be on the lookout for 5 of my songs to be on spotify in the next month or so. And most of all, don't forget the promotion that was announced on the show tonight. If you donate to the Alzheimers association, I will give you any of my songs for free, your choice. Just email me and tell me which one, and I'll send it out. Thanks again to everyone for listening and spreading the word, I really appreciate it!