Thursday, May 26, 2016

Update on Retrospective Album

Hey Everyone,
  Just wanted to put out a quick update on the retrospective album. I have 3 songs completed. I have 4 songs started (scratch tracks), and I have 5 songs that I haven't started yet. I'm going to start working on getting this thing together really soon.

As you've read, I have Visions of Regret (single) and McLeod (album) available in the Google Play store. They will soon be available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and a whole bunch of other places as well. Keep your eyes open. The retrospective and new album will be distributed to all of those places as well. Working on making sure everything is properly copyrighted and of course recording the ones that have yet to be recorded.

The back catalog will be made available all over the internet in pretty much every digital music store you can find as soon as I get the aforementioned copyrights taken care of.

Stay tuned!

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