Saturday, May 14, 2016

Music is now availble on Google Play!

Hey Everyone. It's been a long time. Work, kids, stuff, things are happening. Anyway, I'm starting to
get my Google play store ready to go. You can now purchase the studio quality version of "Visions of
Regret" there for $0.99. I will be adding my entire back catalog there as well. In addition, I will be
adding my studio quality retrospective album and my new album when they are finished. The back
catalog albums will be $1.99 each because they are the original non studio quality recordings. The
new stuff will be $9.99 for each album because they will be studio quality. There is a link in the
"music" section of this site. Check it out! Also, TravisMcleod .com is no more because someone
bought it out from under me and is holding it ransom. BOO!

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