Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Welcome Back to TravisMcLeod.com!

Welcome back everyone. In case you haven't noticed, the ".com" site hasn't been available for a few years. This is because I let it lapse and someone bought it thinking they could sell it for thousands of dollars. Joke's on  them, no one comes here! Anyway, I guess they figured that out and I was able to buy it back for what it should have cost in the first place, so I'm back! Hopefully I'll have some more music ready for you soon. Still planning the retrospective and a new album, but apparently that's what I said a year ago, so who knows how long it'll be. I think I have stuff on Spotify now. Visions of Regret is around at some places. Anyway, glad to be back, I hope you are glad to have this site too.

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