Friday, July 5, 2013

New projects in the works!

I've got several new projects planned. I'm currently working on a retrospective album which will feature 12-15 of my songs from my career thus far re recorded in full studio quality. In addition to that, I will be filming my first music video for "visions of regret" which will be featured on the retrospective album. I am also writing an album of new material which I'm a little more than halfway finished with. I will record and release that after the retrospective album. In addition to those three projects, I am planning to finish and release an EP with my band Bowtie Killer. Thanks to everyone who has supported me all these years and those who are just starting to listen to my music. If you'd like to help spread the word, here are some links you can share:

Please share these links. I'm trying to build up the fanbase and get some more likes on facebook and followers on twitter. Thanks so much for listening and helping out. Really excited to bring these project to life and to your world soon!

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